All Items are Handmade by the Locals Here in Gjoa Haven

All Items Include the shipping price of $14.00

Miniature Kamiks Key Chains

Made by Kitty Kogvik


Miniature Hat Key Chains

Made by a local


Kamik Key Chain

Large Miniature Rabbit Skin with Red Embroidered Flower Sewn by a Local



Hand made doll Made by a Local



Hand made doll with seal skin parka Sewn by Martha Takkiruq


Kayak Wall Hanging

Made by Diane Qingaqtuq


Sling With Rock

Hand Made with all natural materials Made by Michael Anguttitauruq Sr.


Nuliajuk Doll

Made by Leah Ohiktok


Polar Bear with Cub Doll

Made by Leah Ohiktok


Franklin’s Sailing Drawing

Made by Danny Aaluk



made by Danny Aaluk


North West Passage Post Card


Playing Cards


Arctic Coloring/Puzzle Book


Nattilik Heritage Mugs

Also comes in Green/Yellow/Black/Blue


“I am Canadian” Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

Made by Peter Bergen



Made by Danny Aaluk


Brass Ulu Earrings

Made by Daniel Okittuq


Inukhuk Pin

Made by Dominic Anakarnerk


Inukhuk Necklace

Made by Dominic Anakarnerk


Narwhale Earrings

Made by Dominic Anakarnerk


Beaded Necklace

Made by Eva Kogvik


Beaded Necklace

Made by Correen Porter


Snowy Owl Logo

These are our small Patches, we have Large ones for $30.00